Thursday, September 24, 2009

Adult Flap Cap

Here are the two hats together. The momma size, and the baby size. Aren't they just too cute? All matchy-matchy!

Here's what I had left over. The skein of chocolate on the top left has very little. I used it for both the hats. The middle one I used on the momma sized hat when I double stranded the Cascade 220. The skein on the right, I never touched. On the bottom, the white, purple and dark teal were used only a slight amount for both hats. To double strand the adult size, I held onto both the center strand and the end from the outside of the 'cake'. It worked very well. Now, I have plenty enough left over to make another adult sized hat. Most likely, it'll just all go back to my stash of Cascade 220 for the next time I want to add some color to another project. This time I managed to keep the labels tucked into each cake so I can remember which colors I used.

See? I'll learn down the road. At some point. Hopefully.

Yes, I will make these patterns again! Too cute and a nice fit. I'm hoping the Mommy and Little Miss "B" will be styling this winter when the winds begin to blow. Oh, and that they don't get shrunk in the wash. How do I know? Well, it's the reason my Mom no longer has her wool ski sweaters. *sigh* we don't talk about those EVER. But I can say with certainty, I have learned my lessons. The hard way.