Thursday, October 8, 2009

While I was sneezing...

...and living through yet another head cold over the past 2 weeks...I wasn't all quiet and sniffley...

Check out what I've been getting my needles into. First, see what came in the mail? My copy of the 2010 Dishcloth Hangups Calendar!

Then the red in the upper left corner, will be disclosed at a later time...but it was finished.

I made another Beribboned Eyelet Sweater from Kids, Kids, Kids. HOWEVER...this time we found a way to save my wrists from all that purling. Other than the garter stitch sections, if it said to K, then I P. If it said to P, then I K. And it worked! I think I had to add an extra row or two before binding off, but all in all, if you didn't know, you wouldn't be able to tell the difference. But my wrist sure does! The knitting for twins is winding down.

Yesterday I made another Little Flap Cap from Cabin Fever. This time rather than using multiple colors, I used the color chart to insert texture.

See? It's not blocked yet, and next time I think I'll add a few rounds above the brim area before starting the knit/purl section. But, it's a fast knit! And one more warm head. This will make it's way to Kiki's Hats up in Minnesota.

Now, onto the last of the twins knitting...and a hat in the Minnesota Twin's colors, thanks to the Tigers not advancing after 12 innings the other night. That hat will be sent to Ship's Support for the Medical transports back to the States. One more warm head! (Even if it's in Navy and Red rather than Navy and Orange!)