Tuesday, March 4, 2008

We've had snow...

We've had rain...

Today we have sunshine! (It's Michigan, wait 5 mins, it'll change.)

Last night we made sure to document the three of us all together in the same spot at the same time! I'm the 'big sister.' Can you tell?

Thank you all soooooooooooooo very very much for all the notes, etc that you've sent. And I'm nearly ready to begin to breathe.

Dad's surgery on Saturday in the words of the surgeon...'went better than we had anticipated!' (breathe out family...)

My youngest brother drives long distance truck and has been trying for 7 months to get home to see the family. He was able to trade loads coming up from Dallas in OK and pulled into town Sat am at 7:30. By 9:30 am...for the first time in probably 18 years, the 5 of us were all together in the same spot at the same time, together! The minister of Dad's old church was there with us for prayers, and with my 2 brothers we had my dad laughing! When it was time for him to go to surgery, they let us all go down with him...jokingly,we said Dad always wanted to be the Grand Marshall of a parade, and he got it! The moment of 'change' came when the doctor (we LOVE him!) had to have Dad sign a paper acknowledging that his stomach might have to be partially or completely removed. That felt like the world bottomed out by then. Definite mood changer, I tell you.

Now, my best friend from Jr High school, ended up being Dad's recovery room nurse. She came out pre-surgery to bring us up to speed with the events. The surgical team went for a quick lunch so they were well rested and fed for Dad's turn. During surgery she was able to come over and give us an update. (those of you who are in the medical profession? Love you all! for the care and comforting you give to your patients and their families. Bless you all!) They decided to send Dad to the Critical Care Unit to be easier to monitor his breathing post surgery. He's still there today.[update...he's out and into a regular room!] They FINALLY after a month, removed the tube from his nose! We were joking about putting it at the top of a bon-fire and making sure that sucker would NEVER come back! (perfect way to get your Dad laughing when you can come up with a way to destroy those 'blasted' things.)

Baby brother will not be here much longer. He's got to hit the roads again...but I was able to get some pictures to prove to us all that WE WERE HERE! I'm just shocked at how exhausted I've been every night when I get back home to Mom's. AND how little knitting I've gotten through. I had a whole 2nd suitcase of yarn and patterns! The only night I really got anything done, was Tuesday as I sat in the dark next to Mom's bed working away on the baby blanket. I finally finished stitching the "M" onto the BSJ for my cousin. That's going to hit the post office today, since I don't think I'll be able to get down to Ann Arbor to deliver it in person.

My favorite moment? Last night we were all in Dad's CCU room after dinnertime to say goodnight to Dad. Mom went to kiss Dad..and she got all teary eyed and said, "OOOOO! For the first time in over a month, I get to kiss you without that tube in the way!" Now, that got me. In a very good way. My tough, horsing around brothers, too! Those old softies!

Thanks again, for all the support. I can't thank you enough! The nurses report that Dad's been grumpy post surgery so we KNOW he's on a good path to recovery! I'm going to try and go to a knitting group at my friend's Mom's knitting group at their church tonight. They make a lot of stuff for the babies at the hospital. Every day, they play Brahman's Lullaby over the pa system of the entire hospital as each baby is born. Dad loves to hear the little ones' arrivals announced. I want to help with their knitting as a way to give thanks for his medical team. His nurses have been absolutely fabulous! (they know him veryyyyyyyy well by now!)

happy knitting! (trying to catch up here in Michigan with the knitting -- after all -- Hobby Lobby is down the street and around the corner!!!!!!!! I'm ready to do some retail fiber therapy!)