Monday, March 5, 2007

Finger, clues, question, lists, and ipod...

First, my finger is getting better! Thankfully! Just really, REALLY itchy now..
2nd...more picture clues for today's installment...both of 'theme' and project.
3rd...Have any of you used cotton-ease for a baby blanket? I'm thinking some red Cotton-Ease would knit up really fast in my Basketweave pattern to go along with this project. I already have it on I won't need to purchase anything. I've used it for hats for chemo patients and like the feel of it...So what do you think? (I know I know..that now puts me at 2 Rainbow blankets, one 'girl' blanket and the red blanket to work up).

4th...Two years ago, with all the discussion on the knitting blogs about unfinished objects, etc...I got to wondering how many things I had started and never finished. Granted, some of the things I'd started, were to learn a technique, and once started I determined I either liked it or didn't. On a few things, I decided I wasn't 'fond' of the pattern and just haven't frogged them yet. Another time I was working on a baby sweater in Encore DK and it was zipping along really fast! I was really excited about it and thought I'd have it nearly finished. So I brought it to my Sat knitting group. I was doing the neckband/front buttonhole band....and casting off..and looked down to my horror---no buttonholes! I'd forgotten to put in the buttonholes! GRRRRRRRRR! So, guess where that landed? the box.

Getting back to the story at hand...With all the discussion and being blogless at the time, I thought I'd pull out an old notebook and start a couple of lists. List one-how many unfinished projects? List two-Which projects not on list one were in active progress? (totally different subject-right?) and List three- Which projects did I really want to do next? Take a guess at the totals?

List One-Twenty-Three projects
List Two-Eight
List Three-09353049654069457095675680679867089 million.

So, I got a hold of another notebook and started witting down what I had finished and kept track of them. Like the blogs were doing for their year-end tallies. Actually, I was amazed at what I did get finished. From April - November, I had several lists going....beanies, scarves, NMCRS blankets, assorted extras for family, charity sweaters..etc....Funny thing happened on the way to the grew! By leaps and bounds!!!!!! I kept starting more and more as I added to my 'want to do list'...I didn't want to knock things off the unfinished list. I just started new projects.Then I did a craft booth at my daughter's office. Suddenly, I was making 2 -3 scarves in a day or 3 beanies in a day...I told my oldest daughter that if I died, please pry my hands off of the needles before they bury me. I wasn't hands hurt. Down the road I realized, I'd lost my notebook of lists. Gone, disappeared, friggin' idea where it went. POOF!

Therefore, knowing that I am finishing up this project, with 4 baby blankets committed to, 2 pairs of wrist warmers, and my daughter's fingerless convertible mittens (that is kicking my butt big time!) still undone, and 2 other baby outfits due...adding a red blanket is no biggie anymore. None. Whatsoever. All this time of reading so many other blogs? I've learned. Don't keep a list of what isn't done. It's only going to get longer...*sigh*

Last....went to pick up my ipod tonight....they said nothing was wrong...(it wouldn't charge or turn on) and it came back....with the ability to turn on...but all 300 songs GONE! Totally wiped off! Clean....and nothing left! ANDDDDDDDDDD being the smartie pants that they are....put their 'inspected' sign right over the label I have on the back for identification purposes in case I forget it someplace!.(picture fuzzy on purpose)...really smart there they are! huh?????????????
The 'particular' store location that I am dealing with..are not my favorites...they are rude, disrespectful, and can't answer many questions...However, I know other locations will bend over backwards to make their customers happy...what has happened to customer service? Back in the "day" when I worked for "s" Catalog Department in college...I would have felt the full force of the wrath of my manager had I ever hinted at some of the crabby behavior I've heard at this 'particular' location...'this is not good'. Oh I'd so rather be knitting at the lake!