Saturday, May 19, 2012

I hate knots and photo time...

 A little late in posting, but we had a very nice Mother's Day around here. Mom in her new outfit...
And with the flowers she received.
My kids spoiled not just Mom but me as well. We are two lucky Moms!

Now, for the knitting updates. 

Last summer I started reknitting through each of my patterns. I came up with the idea of having a sample on hand for each of the original patterns I have posted. Some are faster than others. Yesterday I picked up some more of the stripes yarn that I used for the first set of Simply Striped Dishcloth pattern. Now, it has a new label on it and I'm not posting the pictures here. I'm not happy with what I found. Why put in knots? First of all, if you follow the pictures...not only did they knit the cotton...
but they didn't even keep it going in the same direction! They reversed the direction and sent the colors backward. Makes me frustrated.
So I took the next two balls I had and made them into cakes to double check, no knots here. Thankfully.
The dishcloth on the left and top had no knots and should have been the way the one on the right looked. Yes, I'll keep it because after all, when it hits the garbage disposal, it doesn't matter what pattern or direction after knots it was knit in. It all just chews it up without a care in the world. Yes, I am a bit bitter. I loved the original P&C yarn, and to have their 'new' label on the old Bernat Handicrafter Cotton Stripes, well...I'm not happy and I'll leave it at that. Seems to me you need much more than just a name on a label to make it count.
I finished the double stranded Basketweave Blanket that I was working on. I used Bernat Softee yarn in mint. It turned out nice and thick and soft. The momma-to-be picked the color and without all my yarn with me, this fit the bill for her baby boy. Before I popped it into the mail, we needed a little photo shoot.
I went to a park nearby and laid it out on a bench to 'lounge' under the trees. Gorgeous day!

I have been reknitting the same pattern in Lion Brand Cotton Ease in one of their original colors to keep as a sample. Here I laid it down on top of the double stranded version to get a visual of the difference in gauge. The double stranded version is knit with (US)8 (5.0mm) for the borders, and (US) 10 (6.0mm) for the body of the blanket. The cotton ease version is knit with a single strand using only a (US)8 (5.0mm) needle. Here the blanket was at the 50% mark of the length. Currently it's 80% done and shouldn't take too much more time so long as I don't keep finding other projects to escape off to. *wink*
Well, we're off to have some lunch and take Mom for a haircut today...Yes, I'm bringing the blanket with socks that I started at the end of March? know how that goes, right? 

Until next time! Happy knitting!