Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Boys and girls, say "Hello" To...

Sharon! all together now, HI SHARON! And for those of us from home...HI MRS. B!

Let me explain what this is all about. Last night I had the pleasure of sitting with "Mrs. B" and 8 of her knitting friends who are called the 'Hearts and Hands of Westminster Knitting group". They've been meeting on Tuesday nights at the church knitting hats for the homeless, sweater sets for babies, and lap robes for Brian's House. Sharon is standing here in front of their storage area where they temporarily hold the yarn that's been donated and the bins which carry over flowing items to the local charities. And are they ever the nicest group of knitters! And eager to learn. Last night I had the pleasure of introducing cable knitting to one of the members. Here she was knitting a hat on double points thinking cables would be difficult. Nope...not so much anymore! I met with the ladies last March when I was home for Dad's surgery, and you can bet I'll be happy to knit with them anytime. Lovely ladies, lovely pre-Thanksgiving discussions, and do they ever knit some wonderfully warm lovies to pass out where there is a need. If you're in the area...hop on over and lend a hand. They'd welcome your gifts with opened arms. Can you see the stack of baby sweaters in Sharon's hand? They will be delivered this week to warm up lots of little ones!

Here are the chemo caps that I've been working on as a surprise for Mom. Now that she's got her hair growing back post chemo, she's back to wearing hats for the season. So, after all the times she's talked to me about the hats she wore that I'd made for her, I thought in the spirit of the season and in Thanks of the blessing of her continued healing, she might like to take these to her Doctor's office to share with other chemo patients. I still have one more on the needles to finish off. But, I've got two 'secret' projects that I'm trying to finish while I'm here. Do you know how hard it is to make Mom's sweater and my niece's scarf when they're still in the same room all the time? shhhhhhhhhh you never heard me speak of those 'items'. And, yes, she was surprised..even if she didn't quite cooperate when I asked her to sit, close her eyes and open her hands to give them to her. *sigh* I really tried. But she wouldn't close her eyes! ho-hum....

The 'first hat' maker, has now made a 2nd hat in a smaller size. And can't wait to make the next one. *pst....think we have another one 'hooked'? Once we get her familiar on those looms, I'm hoping we can get her on the needles down the road. The seeds have been planted!

A few weeks ago, while I was busy eating cake, my parents sent me a little money and I saved some for the trip. There is a Local Yarn shop here in town that I like to frequent. After all if we don't shop, they don't stay opened for long. My 'New Year's Resolution' is to make myself at least one sweater just for me. Check out this yarn that I picked up today. It's by Ella Rae, the company who made the classic wool that I made the first Norwegian Star hat (sadly that did not fit) with. However, this is called Amity and it's a 75/25 blend of acrylic and wool blend yarn. It's really soft and a dark maroon/black mix that is very different than what I generally have in my black/blue wardrobe. I can't wait to get some things off the needles and the to-do list and get it started. I forgot to take a picture of the pattern I'll be using, but it's a v-neck, cabled, pullover designed by 'Lisa Knits' . This is a new company/designer that I've found. And her work is just adorable. I also picked up a baby sweater pattern, too. You can find out more at in case you're interested. Love to find new things!

Well, time to get some needles going in another room. I'm just about a inch away from finishing up the sweater sleeves for Mom's sweater. Then after attaching them, I'll knit the neck/button band and pick some buttons. Looks like I'll get done in time for her birthday after all. That is, if we go to the hospital for more tests and unlike yesterday, I remember to bring my glasses so I can see to knit! OY! Live and learn. One would think I'd have that figured out by now. Nope. Some of us, learn the hard way I guess.

Happy Thanksgiving to all who will celebrate tomorrow. My brother's cooking the dinner so I'm very relaxed tonight! Hip hip..hooray! (miss you my kiddos! miss you a lot!)