Sunday, August 26, 2012

1 Year

5pm Eastern today marks 1 year=52 weeks=8784 hours=527,040 minutes=31,622,400 seconds since I landed at MBS and my life forever changed before I even got off the plane. For those of you who have been 100% supportive, know that you are forever in my heart with total gratitude. For those of you who are my total support system-Melissa, etc...I couldn’t do this without you! And I am forever in your debt. I’ve had the opportunity to hug, love, and cry with and for, reminisce with, gain strength from, and more importantly-be with both Mom and Dad. I’ve been tired, cheered, silly, happy, frustrated, and loved by them both in the time we have had together. Here’s to much more time together with Mom and Melissa! Love you both from the bottom of my heart!!!!!!!! And yes Dad, I’m doing what I do best. Just like you asked. Just like I promised. ;-)

Saturday, August 11, 2012

The body is off the needles

 This is the best I can do to show you the sweater body that is off the needles. I couldn't get it all into one shot so I pieced a few together. Hopefully that will make sense.
Here's what it looks like all folded like I'll wear it. IF it fits. That's still up for grabs here. I'm too chicken to hold it up.
 I've started the sleeves, two at a time on one circular needle. We'll see how far I get before closing ceremonies. Still need to sew the shoulder seams of the sweater together to be able to sew in the sleeves when they're finished and then knit on the front bands....Ya....this may not happen in time to get to the 'finish line' but I'm pleased that I've made a whole lot of progress. Especially since...
 I have spent a little bit of time on this sock when I just didn't want to figure out the next three steps of decreasing the armholes, front v-neck while continuing on with the pattern up the front sections. Sometimes a girl just needs some mindless knitting. 
And then this pair of socks is barking at me to get them started. ;-) Ya....I'm hopeless!

How's your knitting coming along? Are you finished with your goals yet?

At least I'm not wearing bright green running shoes designed to make people back home buy a pair. Maybe it's just me, or that I'm more of a blue/purple kinda girl, or that I think the runners should be the spotlight of the races, but there is no chance I'll be getting a pair of those. Besides, that color is soooooooooooo not my favorite.

Ok, enough with the procrastination....time to click, click, click.....happy knitting!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Rounding out the last few days

 Are you watching the games on tv? Are you knitting along? Here's where I was 2 days ago with Florence. Coming along and really sucking up the yarn.

Here's where the sweater is right now. Better color depiction. I've split the sweater for the armholes a couple of days ago. And the front shaping is well underway.

Here's the thing. I'm now thinking that it's going to be far too big. Again. Just like the grey Yankee knitter sweater was last year. If this turns out to be far too big to wear, I'm going to rip back the mock cable sweater before knitting the rest of it. This Florence might be ok, since going to be like a jacket type. I just won't let the sleeves get out of hand this time. *sigh* always something new to learn.

In the meantime, and why I probably won't the sweater done by closing ceremonies, I started another pair of socks. Strange only knitting one at a time. Next time, I'm going to split the skein first. But once in awhile, impatient knitters grab what's close at hand, right? In the meantime, I'm knitting as fast as I can...and it's still much farther than where I'd been over the past 3 years. Let's see how much more before Closing Ceremonies? How are you coming along?

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ravel-whatever you want to call it knitting

Just checking in here with my Ravel-whatever you want to call it knitting. Isn't it silly that the name had to be changed, when it was with such pure intentions that this 'little' contest was devised to be in support of the games? I tell you, people really can get their nose out of joint at the wrong time, huh?

Ok, 'nuff said. Now that the class socks have been finished and put aside for 'eventual' weather that is other than sweltering, it's time to really dig in and get to work on this sweater. The first thing I needed to do was to get past the 'I'm not working with silk anymore' feeling on my hands. That was a biggie.

It's was a surprise to me because back when I bought the yarn in 2008, I thought it was such a great feeling in my hands! Guess I hadn't just been using the crock-o-dye at that point. (Ya think?) Anyway...Now that I've gotten my touch sensation readjusted to the Rustic wool, I'm ready to get to work today. Yesterday the sweater started feeling pretty good again to work on. However I did have to pull out one of the cables that I had twisted the wrong way while watching the girl's gymnastics competition. See? Have faith all you new knitters out there in your living rooms. Even those of us who have been knitting for more than 45 years still have to rip out and redo knitting mistakes. It doesn't take much to divert your attention at times and bingo-rip, rip, rip.

How's your knitting coming along? Are you participating with your favorite 5 rings of competition? I'll check in when there's more progress made. And maybe I'll have a new sweater to wear when it's time to put the wool socks back on, too.

Yes, I dream big.

happy knitting!