Wednesday, May 9, 2007

The Mother/Son Adventure is about ready!

I am so excited! My 24 year old son has asked me to help him drive home this week! In case I didn't have anything to do...would I like to come drive home with him for the summer?
Now, I tell could I turn that down? Not me! I'm so excited!(oh wait, I said that already-sorry).

It's been a longggggggggggg time since I was in a car road trip like this and they weren't pretty back then.(used to do the 45 hourCA to MI trip, straight through with only 15 mins for gas and potty breaks combined...not.a.pretty.sight)

This one will be just my son and me. Here's where the favor comes in. Depending upon your beliefs...I'd like to request prayers, good thoughts, candles lit, good vibes, good karma, planets in alignment,good wishes, good...whatever you use for a few things:

1)no tornados or bad weather while we're driving around the clock for the 36 (give or take) hour trip

2)limited construction (I'd like to say no construction, but I am a realist at times)

3)my hip, knee, ankle and shoulder don't poop out on me (will have lots of pain pills with me..and the really good stuff for prying me out of the car when I get home and into the driveway)

4)my flights into INDY won't be delayed, as that would really throw a monkey wrench into the start time for this Mother/Son adventure

5)that this is going to be as much fun that I'm praying it to be for time alone with my son! How often do you get a chance to spend time with your kids once they're 'off to college' and out in the real world? I'm grabbing this one for all I can get!!

6)that there will always be something around that's OPENED when we have the NEED TO FEED! ahahaha....

7)I'm thinking clean restrooms wouldn't be a bad thing to wish/ask for either

question. Do you think I'd throw the balance of the universe out of wack if I asked him to run over to Hobby Lobby and pick me up a 'few' since my flight won't land Thursday evening until 10:40pm? Or would that just really be pushing it? Ya, I'm thinking so...his clothes for the summer or yarn for mom in the car...hmmmmmmmmmm.....his car....his rules. ha!

Happy Mother's Day Weekend!

(gas prices could be interesting along the way compared to the ones I've been posting recently from OC, CA. I cringe when I hear the TV news folks say...gas has risen only $0.04 cents this month..ha! I've watched it go up much higher, and I can prove it! pictures will follow from the trip.)

Trip starts Thursday!