Thursday, July 3, 2014


You can't have nothing on your needles, right? Even if the stitching up isn't finished, you start something new. Heaven knows you just gotta have something else started. Can you figure out what this will be? I can't tell you yet, stay tuned! Click, click, click.....must go knit now.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Ya know what this means?

Mom should be ready to pick out buttons this weekend!

Happy 4th to you and yours!

Sunday, June 29, 2014


 These days I'm not knitting a sweater in a month. Not.even.close. But, there has been some progress on Mom's yellow cabled sweater.

Remember, I like to knit things in one piece-all your pieces have the same number of rows up to the armpits, your tension is the same on the same rows, and when you're at the top, you're done! So, I use a garter stitch for the edge of each piece stitches, to give me easy peasy mattress stitch guides for faux seams.  Seams give your sweater some stability, and then looks like you had to sew it together.

 Next up, sleeves. I like to do them two at a time. DA! When you're done, you're done. But, with increasing and cables, and not being able to sit these days and just knit away....I make my own little written chart. When I have to stop and tend to 'other things' and special people, I don't have to guess a week later where I left off. How many of you do the same thing? Gadgets are great, but sometimes pen and paper beats all in my book. (Just don't forget where you put it!)
 After I started these while sitting over at Mom's Day Program, I got to thinking, next time go around I want to do them two at a time in the round, like I've been doing socks. DA! No seaming! Lesson learned.

The chart says I have just a wee bit to go before they're done! We'll see how much farther up Mom wants them to be. She likes to cuff up her favorite sweater, so I want to be certain to give her enough length. We are looking forward to picking out buttons! And then.....onto so many more things waiting in the wings!

Happy knitting!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Guess who has a new address?

 After one day short of nine months, Mom has come home to live at my new house! It's been a very long process, and she has gone through some very unpleasant experiences, but she is now HOME!
 In a few short days, she's getting the shower and shampoo treatments she deserves, we've worked on puzzles together,
 Started a great new breakfast buddy relationship with some beautiful robins and their friends who have welcomed her home every morning.
 While she points out all the weeds that she wants me to pull,  ;-)
Started a new collection of pine-cones from our own back yard, as she's relearning to trust and participate in every day tasks. She has a very long way to go! But we couldn't be happier!
And yes, I have had the opportunity to go for a short visit to meet two very important little men in my life. We've been through some very hard and difficult days, but today, it's a great day!
 Once things find their flow for a new routine for us, I can't wait to get back to working on a special yellow, cabled sweater for my best knitting fan, who will never again wear it in the room she was in when I took that picture.

(For those who have sent messages and inquiries, please understand I have never forgotten about you readers and followers of this blog. However, sometimes, things are out of our control that strange as it may seem at times, are far more important than knitting. Thanks for sticking around and asking me to come back. I really hadn't left, I just had a very special lady to concentrate on. She's now in her new home with me and we shall celebrate that event for the rest of our lives! Knitting has restarted again, and with a little luck, lots of prayers, and more unpacking...we can resume all things vital and important around here. Thanks for your care, concern and support!)

Monday, March 10, 2014



This makes two precious baby boys!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

My New Title....


Still waiting to hold that little precious of love...

Wednesday, September 4, 2013