Sunday, October 25, 2009

from the Beef Stew Circuit

How can you not love a kid who puts an ! mark next to your arrival on her calendar?

Must be because she's smart enough to know you're going to do a wee bit of cooking and stuffing of her refrigerator? Now, I was supposed to make Potato-Leek soup yesterday...however,

While the pumpkins were in the oven...

I sorta used up the potatoes we had on hand in the Beef Stew. Opps!

But then used some of our new apples in Apple Crisp. Thank you Betty Crocker for the recipe.

Today, we went to Critz Farms, and watched them make Cider.

Ate some apple fritters..

Had some music while we were eating our apple fritters..

Check out the huge slices of apples in there!

And then....

Picked up more pumpkins...

Before heading out to the corn maze for a little bit..

for some silly pictures...thanks to my brother and his fascination with Children of the Corn type movies..

Here's the farm from the corn fields.

And on the way home, snapped some 'drive-by' color shots by the lake.

Maybe tomorrow afternoon, I'll remember to pick up more potatoes. (Recipes for both the Beef stew and the Potato Leek Soup, are on the left side of the page...just in case you can't wait. )