Friday, December 18, 2009

Magic Time!

Take 1 tsp of Eucalan, add 1 gallon of tepid water into a clean bowl,

carefully load in a cashmere lace scarf and leave to soak for 15 minutes.

Add one really old, ugly king sized sheet that has line on it, and spread it out on the floor.

Take off all rings,

Gently roll scarf into towel to soak up the water without felting the scarf.

Add 140 pins, give or take and pin scarf out using the pattern on the sheet to keep it evenly pinned.

How do You use your cookie racks?

Using the rest of the Euclan water, soak wool hats that also need a 'bath'. MAKE CERTAIN to go from light to dark...why?????????????

The Burgundy Paton's Classic Wool-bled. All.over.the.white.towel.

See? It even left the water pink.

Leave to dry over night...

Take out the pins and hang in the back yard...

Yo! Mr. DeMille, the scarf ready for it's close up!

Waaaa. Laaaa.....all Prettied up!

Snap, snap, snap goes the camera, wrap, pretty bow and mail off to Mom for Christmas delivery!

This is going to look fabulous with Mom's red coat on Christmas Eve!