Tuesday, December 9, 2008

need some help please

Here are two pictures of a vest that I started at some point for my Mom. But I can't find the magazine that it is in to finish it. Anyone got a clue here? I'm guessing it's probably a Knitters or Interweave Knits issue from a couple of years back. The original is done in a light pink color and then felted pockets were added onto it. This is driving me nuts. I've been going through all my stuff and can't figure it out. I can't even find it online to re-order it so I can finish it. Driving me nuts.

I finished my niece's hat for Christmas to go with her scarf that I left in Michigan. This is a much better look at the colors. It's the School Colors Hat with Lion Brand Wool-ease yarn.

Thanks to Ravelry I found these coffee cup sleeves there. I'm using leftovers from Mom and Dad's sweaters/vest for them. While mall walking back there, they love to get a cup of coffee down at Target. However, even with the cardboard sleeves on the cups they're too warm for them to hold at first. Hopefully, these little puppies will sold the problem. Now, on to practicing cables without a cable needle some more!