Saturday, August 21, 2010

Simply a Rug

Simply a Rug
©Cathy Waldie, July 31, 2010
Finished size: 21”x 33” Rectangle
24 ozs of yarn: 6 ozs of 4 different worsted cotton yarns/ 290 yds/ 263 m of each cotton (Sample knit with a mixture of Peaches & Creme, Sugar 'n Cream, Cotton Mill ends, and Handicrafter Cotton)
(US) 13 (9.0mm) needles (sample made with Addi clicks for width, but knit flat)
Gauge: 8 sts/12 r = 4”/10 cm

C/O = Cast On
Sl 1 = Slip one stitch
K= Knit
P= Purl
B/O= Bind Off

C/O 70 sts

1-4) Sl 1 st, K across
5) Sl 1, K across
6) Sl 1, K3, P62, K4
7-60) repeat rows (5-6) 27 x’s more for a total of 28 pattern repeats.
61-65) Sl 1, K across
66) B/O in P.

Cut Threads, weave ends. Apply rug backing to prevent the rug from slipping.


Alli Barrett said...

This is AWESOME Cathy!! I love the neat stuff you come up with!! Not only does one get a lovely functional, very useful item but it's a great way to use up your stash so you can go buy MORE! ROTFL

Thanks so much for sharing this little delight. I might find myself casting on for this one soon!

Happy Knitted Hugs

Liana said...

What kind of rug backing should be used for this rug?


Cathy said...

I personally haven't used any, but I would think that they paint on type would work well.