Wednesday, August 18, 2010

BU Cable Scarf

 BU Cable Scarf
© Cathy Waldie, April 21, 2006
Found on the October 10th page of the calendar!

This is a double layered scarf knit in the round with cables running up the front side. Perfect for those winters in Boston when you're daughter is going to school. Or any other cold winter area when the snow is blowing sideways and the snow is deep when you're shoveling your car out at 5am.


Neicee said...

Ohh love this! Also loving the new picture! Glad to see your skill doing your thing!

Carolyn said...

Thanks for the info on the calendar. I promptly ordered one and have my list of projects that I want to start!

Cathy said...

Thanks! I had to have one early...I want to send a copy to my mom yet. Enjoy! So many neat ideas.