Saturday, April 19, 2008

Doing the happy dance!

My family is DOING THE HAPPY DANCE! (yes I'm channelling Carlton and Balki here for dance time.) My Dad is back at home once again!!!!!!!!! After 12 weeks to the day, my Dad is back home and sleeping in his own bed once again! HOT DIGGITY DOG!!! (yes, I cleaned that one up a lot). Mom said he was up quite a few times last night and is having a 'weak' day today, but the doctor said he would have good days and 'could be better' days ahead of him. They will have in home nursing and therapy nurses for the next bit of awhile, but he is home! And that is what matters.

Maybe I should finish this off? I'm getting close to it right now. I just have the armholes and neck band left to go. I told mom this morning that I feel kinda guilty about this. As much as I'd like to finish it off to get it to Dad, I'm really enjoying this project. It's been a very long time since I've done an adult sized sweater/vest/project and to have the cables on it, well, I'm just peachy happy.

I chose to use the 3 needle bind off for the shoulders and I'm really happy that I did. Both shoulders are lined up stitch for stitch in the pattern! I don't think I could have done that any better with any other bind off. I'm still practicing my seaming skills. This is the best mattress stitch I think I've ever done, although I know it could be better. I'll make sure to tell Mom that one trip through the hot water cycle would cure that seam-har har har. That would be an 'inside' joke, as I felted two of her old ski sweaters when I was in Junior high school. I had NO idea that wool sweater shrank until that day! That was the last time she let me borrow her clothes! And let me just say....they had been beautiful sweaters! OPPS!

Yesterday, brought out my sewing basket. Daughter went to Catalina Island with some of her friends for yet another Bachelorette weekend with the girls. Miss "A" will be getting married on the same day my son is Graduating from Law School. So, for the requested Bachelorette weekend veil I got out my needles. None of the girls wanted the *ahem* veils for such an occasion, so I'm happy to whip one up. I'm sure someone must be buying the 'questionable' ones, but there is a market out there for simple for 'fun' veils without all the p_ _ n attachments on them.

Here is your teaser picture for next week's new pattern! In honor of my Auntie "M" who gave me the idea way back in 1996 and just in time for Earth Day....I finished the last stitch on these late last night. I woke up with a bunch of new ideas this morning, but I'm making myself finish off the vest first. Drats! I just wanna know how much I can do to these now! Here's hoping you will all enjoy them as much as I am coming up with the ideas.