Friday, February 29, 2008

quickie update on my parents

Forgive me for posting a copied email here, but it pretty much says it all while I'm out the door back to the hospital...

Just got a call from Mom, she's been discharged..they've found a mass on her kidney and has extra fluid in her abdomen. They're waiting for the dye from the CT scan to get out of her system before they can do the next x-ray on her. And then figure out her next step.

Dad's surgery will be Sat at 11am, Michigan (eastern) time. I'm literally running out the door to pick up Mom. The roads are really bad here, 4" of snow expected today and she's wishing for a shampoo before we spend the night (most likely) with Dad at the hospital tonight. He gets rather 'antsy' the night before surgery and Mom wants to be with him. Thankfully, they're going To be in the same room now, so I won't have to go running to the opposite ends of the earth to check on them both (Dad is in room 97, Mom in 21 on the same floor). I did have presence of mind to request they be on the same floor when they admitted her. That proved to be a wise thing so they could each 'hike' to the other room as a destination when they needed to do their daily therapy walks. Then have a sit down and visit before being able to hike on back.

Thank you to everyone for their prayers, I have a gazillion emails yet to read, but they'll have to wait. My Dad's become rather 'impatient' if I don't answer the cell phone fast enough to find out where he's misplaced his glasses, or get him some Vernors,or whatever he's needing. I'm just very thankful at this point, that he wasn't acting like it was all over yesterday. He chewed me out a couple of times pretty good. I guess God heard me say out loud, that I'd take Grumpy any time rather than his 'I give up, take care of your mother' attitude he's had. Even Dad's closest friends who had come to see him have been as worried as I was with the level of depression and his 'it's over' attitude.

So, I'm ready for a day of making my dad 'grumpy' cuz the docs said yesterday it was good for him to feel in control and it got him very alert for the first time in a very long time! We had my Dad back yesterday! Here's hoping he's back for a veryyyyyyyy long time to come!