Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Have you...

ordered your copy of the 2011 Dishcloth Calendar yet? I got mine (and my sample knits) back in the mail the other day. I ordered enough for my girls and my Mom besides one for me. Did you know that there are 88 pages here? And that you can now order the digital download rather than just the paper one. So, all of you that like to have yours in digital format, hop on over to and get it now! Just think, no shipping, no waiting for the mail to bring you one, and if you have a kindle type thingy...instant gratification. Me? I'm still debating on the digital deal thingy, but I am thinking about it. But I do so love to flip pages a lot!
ps. it's looking like there won't be a calendar next year. So hurry and get one this year!