Sunday, July 6, 2008

Another fast knit

This has been the fastest that I've knit up this blanket. 4 days!

Here we are Saturday morning, at the Dentist and what I finished after the numbing went down. Not so much really, but then I didn't feel too well. Mostly I just wanted to sleep.

Sunday, we headed for the beach, where the blanket started to show a few signs of progress.

Monday's progress.

Tuesday morning...

Tuesday early afternoon..all finished!

Particulars...KBB Baby Blanket, pattern over <<<---there. Lion Brand Wool-ease, 4 skeins with this much left over!

Which I found to be quite interesting, since the last time I made this blanket (back in March while at Mom and Dad's), I used up all 4 skeins and ~12 yards into skein #5!

I guess that's proof that skeins are sold by weight, and not by yardage. Another reason to pick up an extra skein when you're planning a big project and want to insure you don't run out of yarn?

While sitting in the sun on the 4th, I was knitting away on my next Sack Sock design. Wanna peek? Here's the beginning and the 'almost' middle. I'd show you the 1/2 way point, but that would really give away the 'picture' in the middle. And since this is another birthday present, I don't want to spoil the surprise too early. Once it's been received, I'll not only show you the finished project, but will post the pattern, too. That means, I've got about 12 days to chart the rest, write it up, finish the whole set, and then type it out! Guess I'd better get back to knitting!

Here's one last hint. Can you guess yet? I'm using a cone of Peaches & Creme, in a special run color called Royal for this.