Monday, March 19, 2007

Steph's Sparkly Hat

Knitting for family is generally on or near the top of most knitters' lists. I am no exception. Having my daughter home for a few extra days because of the Northeast weather has given me the time to work on a hat to fit her. She wears an adult small size and nothing that I've made her in the past has fit well. (doesn't help to not have her around often to fit her) Last night I had her go through multiple hats to test which size, style, and fibers she wanted. I was hoping to make her one to match the "H" Mall Store Rib Knit Scarf I'd just finished. Apparently, the previous beanies I'd made for her were too short and she wasn't thrilled with the 'look' once on her head. When she demonstrated, I immediately understood.

What we came up with is a combination from a lot of hats. One was too long, one too loose, one just right around but way too short...on and on... She wanted a hat that would feel 'snug' but not too loose, come to the end of her ears, with a small cuff, but not too high. I think Houston, we may have lift off.

The Lion Brand Wool-Ease that I used for her scarf has the iridescent thread in it that I was looking for. After using the chunky weight for the scarf, the worsted weight is what we picked for her hat. The original scarf had a red iridescent thread running through it which is what lead me to this one.
Now, here's the inside of the cuff. You'll notice that it's done with a twisted rib. Why? it's my favorite ribbing. A 2 x 2 twisted rib. I learned it many years ago with a sweater pattern. Heaven knows I can't remember which sweater. But I really loved the way it kept my stitches from being too loose, and I learned that not all ribs had to be a 1 x 1. I was young. What can I say?

Today I don't need the twisted rib for tightening up, rather I like the design. I use this on nearly all of my beanies. and hats. It's rare that I don't. If you don't want to twist your stitches, go right ahead with a plain 2 x 2 rib or a 1 x's up to you and what you're going to prefer. This is just my preference. I know that when the cuff is folded up it won't show. That's ok with me. I am going to be making her a second hat with the same basic construction without a flip up cuff.

Looking on the top of the crown, you'll get an idea how the decrease section lays.

Steph’s Sparkly Hat
©Cathy Waldie, March 18, 2007

size adult small
1 skein Lion Brand Wool-Ease worsted weight, white multi, label [2 1/2 ozs/70 g, 162 yds/146 m, 78% acrylic, 19% wool, 3% polyester, 18 sts/24rows on (us) 8 (5.0mm)]
(US)5 (3.75mm) and (US)6 (4.0mm) 16” / 40cm needles
(US) 6 (4.0mm) 24”/60 cm needle
Chibi needle
Stitch marker
Twisted rib stitch = Round one, *K2, P2* repeat around
Round two=*K1 in the back of the loop, K1 in the back of the loop, P2* repeat around.
Repeat rounds one and two for desired length.

Using size (US) 5 (3.75mm) needle, cast on 100 sts. Be careful not to twist the stitches. Join to knit in the round and place marker.

Knit in K2, P2 twisted rib for 30 rounds.
On the last row...decrease 1 stitch (99 sts)

Switching to (US) 6 (4.0mm) needles st. st for 25 rounds

Begin decrease rounds:
1: *K7, K2 tog* around (88 sts)
2: K around
3: *K6, K2 tog* around (77 sts)
4: K around
5: *K5, k2 tog* around (66 sts)
6: K around
7: *K4, K2 tog* around (55 sts)
8: Knit around
9: *K3, K2 tog* around (44 sts)
10: Knit around
11: *K2, K2tog* around (33 sts)
12: Knit around
13: *K1, K2 tog* around (22 sts)
14: Knit around
15: *K2 tog* around (11 sts)
16: *K2 tog* around (6 sts)
Cut yarn to approximately 18". Weave through stitches (twice), pull tight, and fasten off.
Weave in tails.

The next project well under way is the first of the two Feather and Fan Rainbow Baby Blankets.

Did you know there is an easy, visual way to double check this pattern to make sure you are right on the money? Look in the center of the top of your arch. That center stitch should be straight up the middle. if you look at the last arch on the left side, you'll know for sure that you've done this well. If you are off a stitch or two, that center 'line' won't be straight. Trust me. Take a guess how I learned?

This is the second time I've used Caron Simply Soft yarn. Maybe it's just me, but the white just seems a little on the thin side. Maybe it's just that I'm used to the TLC Lustre. Or maybe it's just a skein that is a bit on the thin side.

In the last section for today...I bring you this picture to speak on it's own. (yes, I know this is the cheap stuff in town, but please already....) All I have to ask is,
What's Left in YOUR Wallet?