Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Using the proper tools

I remember a time when I had no clue about Addi-turbos. I thought circular knitting needles were the best thing since sliced bread for making sweaters and hats and afghans. No more would I have to cram all those stitches onto a 14" metal straight needles. Then, came a day when I heard about a yarn shop across the way that was the newest chapter of an old shop that had closed when the owner retired. I wanted to go look it over and possibly pick up a needle for a project. At that time, I thought the Susan Bates Silvalume needles were pretty slick tools to be used. Looking at the price tag on the Addi-turbos sent my heart racing! How could a needle be THAT good and worth that price? I thought as the shop owner touted it's praises. I walked around the store for a while looking at all the yarn that was different from the 'original' store. I ended up letting my desire to work on the project that I needed the needle for (long since forgotten) dictate the purchase of this 'new finagled-high priced-you're going to really have to show me what you can do' circular needle.

That's where my love affair with the Addi-turbos began! And, it's where I learned that using the right tools for the job works for knitters as well as for car mechanics and house repairs. Remembering from years ago, being told that we HAD to buy this tool, or that tool for fixing up a house we were going to eventually buy...made me think that maybe I should start investing in this craft that I'd been working at for more than 40 years. That it wasn't just a passing fancy, and if I was good to other people, maybe it would be OK to be good to me, too. It was from there on, that I started using Birthday money and other 'found' money to buy tools that were 'right' for the job as I could come up with money over time to replace bad joins and the straight needles were sent off to unclog drains and vacuum cleaners.

Now, I know that not everyone likes my choices, and there are many others out there. And that's OK. I also believe you should try out choices and then decide which ones are right for you to use for your particular projects. And I'm thinking that now I should take some of my own advice since it appears...

I need some new garden tools.

Ya think the ground was a might be hard?

It's been years since I grew plants in the yard. With the possibility of the kids coming home this summer, I thought they'd like some fresh tomatoes and peppers. Then I finally found some lavender plants that I've wanted, but couldn't find for more than 25 years. I guess my timing was off and I looked at the nursery after they were all sold out.

Now, before you tell me I have the containers in the ground, I know. It's on purpose, I'm trying to see if I can out-smart the gophers that also live in my neighborhood.

It couldn't hurt. I'm tired of 'feeding' them-so far, I have won for 2 weeks.

In the meantime, using other 'proper tools', we have a finished Crayon Ripple Throw, pattern from , using an 'H' hook, and the new "WHITE" from Simply Soft.

I got around to washing my socks that so many of you told me to do, and what do you know? The socks went right back into shape, just like you said it would! Thank you for all your help! Knitters are fabulous people!

Yep, I'll be making some more..once I get my to-do with deadlines list pared down a wee bit.

Then I knit up a couple of Baby Jiffy Knit sweaters with Sweet Baby Delights Baby yarn from the Hobby Lobby stores and (US) 4's (3.5mm) circulars (yes, they were Addi's). Then I added a little hat using the pattern I found on Ravelry from: here and . I changed the pattern to pick up the texture from the sweaters using a (US) 3 (3.25mm) 12" circulars. I've also used double points, and prefer the 12" circulars. It goes faster with the circulars.

My plan is to write out the changes to this pattern and post it here soon. I like it for preemie sized hats. These are going to be sent down to the Naval Hospital in San Diego NICU.

I moved my old entertainment center back where it belongs and finally have a place for my Grandfather's wooden chairs and the others things from my grandparents, and picked up over the years. No more leaving them in boxes. (see..proper tools for the job!)

As soon as I get this Beribboned Sweater finished from Kids, Kids, Kids, I'm trying to get back to the baby sweaters that were sent to 'time out' with the wrong sized needles used and my apparent lack of picking up the correct number of stitches after frogging parts of them. Ya, I remember them. I was hoping they'd pipe down and be quiet. However, their deadline is Tuesday. So is the blanket that I started back in February.
Guess I should get my tools out and get them finished?

Yep, thought so, too.