Thursday, September 6, 2007

DOH! and the kid...

Isn't that what Homer says? I forgot to take pictures of the baby blanket before handing it off to my soon as she's able to breathe in her schedule, she's promised to take pictures and email them to me before sending it off to Little Miss "B".

In the meantime, I've been hanging with my son and a few of his friends. And then I left him with a couple of zippy bags ready to go! Oh, and I'm trusting that he got the Banana Cake out of the oven on time. After all, his birthday was in July, so I figured it was a bit past time for his birthday cake. However, it wasn't as over due as the oldest daughter's ... she got hers on Monday evening. Did I mention her birthday was back in March? Schedules...I tell ya!

I'm knitting up a bunch of dishcloths today. Shortly, I'll post the pattern for one more after I get a few more knit up. The son's new apartment needed a few little extras, me thinks. After all, Mom left him a few dishes to wash once they're all emptied.

And, if I do say so...and I'm so not biased here....he cleans up fairly well...

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