Tuesday, September 11, 2007

another comparison

Usually when I make the Grandma's favorite, I stop with the increases when the cloth reaches 45 stitches on the needles. Yesterday I decided to take it up to 50 stitches (wild woman knitting here) to see what the difference in size would be. On the left in the Sun Kissed Ombre colorway, is the cloth at 50 stitches. On the right is the Key Lime Pie colorway that only went to my standard 45 stitches. Now, my mom likes smaller cloths so the 45 count would be good for her. With her age, she's complained about a lack of grip with arthritis in her hands. She wanted smaller cloths. But since I'm making extra cloths for my son's apartment, the 50 might be good. A little larger for a guy with larger hands.

If you notice in the picture, I've put up the left overs of each skein, too. Keep in mind these were the 2 oz size being variegated yarns. A little difference in left overs, but since I've yet to use up any left overs..I guess I'd rather have fewer left overs. Maybe someday I'll get around to making some log cabin cloths and use them all up.

Now, for a 'find' at the store. Granted the comparison is a 2 oz size, and the solid colors come in 2.5 oz sizes. But, for $5.99 for a one pound bag of mill ends I wanted to know how much I had saved. So I did the math. It would cost me $9.536 to buy 6.4 skeins to equal the 16 oz in the bag. Nice savings ifin you like to make up a lot of dishcloths (or hanging towels) out of cotton yarn! (I love me a good bargain when shopping!)

Now, I'll get back to the Feather and Fan blanket with the Blue and Maze colors at some point. Even if the team they're attributed to...really let the fans down big time last weekend. What was the article quote? Historic loss? ULG! OY! Pass me my knitting...it feels better than a stadium full of boos. And here I was prepared to put up the pattern for the hanging kitchen towel with that 'm' knitted into in honor of football season. Guess I'll wait until they win a game before posting that! (ya, that should make them work harder, catch a ball, aim better in the game..huh?)

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