Thursday, April 5, 2007

Just Her Size

Back when my youngest daughter was in elementary school, being the youngest of four, she generally took the smallest of anything she got to pick out. She said it was JUST HER SIZE. Maybe that's why today she's a size puny..and I'm not. ha.

Over the weekend, there was a tiny, but adorable baby who entered this world. She is the soon to be recipient of the Feather and Fan Rainbow Baby Blanket from a week or so ago. Yes, I still have to finish the ends...which will take a slight back seat..why? Cuz adorable baby "R" came into the world at 3 pounds, 15 ounces, 15 3/4" long! That's not much longer than a ruler! And since the Feather and Fan pattern is lace, I'm reworking the Basketweave pattern tonight in a pretty pink yarn down to a 'JUST MY SIZE' size. If I play my cards correctly, I'll get a sweater done too before little Miss "R" has gained enough weight to go home next week.
I had to go in search of size information for the little one. My kids were 7# 13 1/2 oz, 7# 15 ozs, 8# 10 ozx, and 7 # 15 ozs. I can't fathom one who came into the world under 4#'s! But, I will knit for her!

Oh, her Daddy works with my middle daughter, the one who loves the Rainbow blankets. And yes, she's now requested a total of four of them! Why? Because another co-worker's wife is pregnant! SHE'S.NOT.ALLOWED.TO.DRINK.THE.WATER!!!

And I forgot to put up last weekend's picture....


Susan said...

Love the F and F baby blanket, and I printed it off your site!
Also the NMSRC square blanket.
What does NMSRC stand for? Is it a hospital? Great Blog!

Cathy said...

Thank you Susan for your compliments!
NMCRS stands for Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society. They support the US Marines and Sailors and their families around the world. I have been knitting blankets for their baby layette program at Camp Pendelton for more than 6 years now. Thanks for asking!