Saturday, April 28, 2007

Question about HL Sweet Delight Yarn

I had a question about the Hobby Lobby Baby Bee Sweet Delight Prints yarn that I used for the BSJ. Chris couldn't find it in her area, and I guess they don't have the Bubblegum 'flavor' ...errrrr...color available on their web site.
So I thought I'd put up pictures and some information for the rest of you who can't find it either. I, too, don't have a Hobby Lobby in my area. I disagree with their label information. It says that it's for (US) 10 (6mm) needles. I think it's very similar to Bernat's Softee Baby and Lion Brand's Baby Soft.
Bernat's gauge is on the label is 22 s/ 30 r in 4"/10 cm and says it's a Sport weight/DK which would make it a " 3" rating, 5 ozs/ 140 g, 455 yds/416 m. Sweet Delights is 23 s/ 45 r on (US) 9 (5.5mm) for a 6 x 6" square and says's it's a "5" rating, 4 oz, 345 yds.
Bernat Softee Baby......Sweet Delight

Both yarns are washable. While they're a bit different from each other, I think they're pretty close to each other. Just do your gauge swatch to match the pattern you're using and adjust your needle size if need be. I think you could use any DK weight yarn that you could make gauge with, like Wendy Peter Pan, etc...


Mari said...


I find that with some of the other Yarn Bee Yarns from Hobby Lobby too. They don't seem to be the weight they say they are. But alot of them are really cool!

Where is the lake? I'm in Wisconsin and my lake is Sailor Lake in the northern part of the state. I love your blog's name!

Mari in Oak Creek WI

Kelley said...

That BSJ is SO sweet! Beautiful work.