Wednesday, February 27, 2008

a nano-sec here.

The world's shortest post by me, I think....I'm in Michigan and have been at the hospital with my parents. My dad's surgery has been postponed until Sat...Mom was admitted last night...I'll update later when I can, but please, keep them in your thoughts, prayers and good wishes. They are Ron and Jackie. I've been knitting in the dark. It keeps sanity to some degree.


getreal said...

Hi Cathy, just wrote a whole message and found out I was logged in on dh's account. lost the message somewhere...
sorry to hear your mom is in the hospital too. prayers for them both and also you. take care of yourself. there's nothing like knitting to keep your mind occupied, hey?
hugs, Denise in MI

Carla said...

You and your parents are in my prayers. I am sorry you had to visit under these conditions. I know your Dad is probably going stir crazy by now, but hopefully it won't be long and he will be on the mend and home where he can heal faster. As for your Mom, I hope she won't have to spend too much time in the hospital and will be home soon, also. Take care of yourself.
Carla from Higgins Lake

CCK said...

Sending strength, a smile and a deep breath....take care, I'm sure your parents are really glad you are there.

Anonymous said...

Never fell you are alone in this.
All of us who read your blog and knit your patterns are right there praying with you and for you.