Monday, August 25, 2008

Leg 4 is at hand...

I have arrived at my son's apartment....and not a moment too soon, I think.

First order of business....the grocery store-ya think? Ya, Momma's here.

2nd order of business...Cheeseburger Pie!

Baby daughter due back tonight so we can start moving her in. Her closet echos in here, but I'm certain it won't last for long!


Jennifer said...

I think your son saw the posts from Syracuse and cleared out his freezer to make way for Mom's home cooking! Looks like he's lucky to have you there. Enjoy leg four!

Cathy said...

You always have the nicest things in your comments! Thanks so much for them all!

Now, remember this is the son who 'lost' his wallet in Indy recently while trying to get to Boston to take his bar exam. I'm telling you, I've earned my grey hair! (and it's in big need of attention this month!)So it was no surprise when he told me he left his food back in Indy with his friends when he was driving across the country. 'em while they're at home. Some day you'll need plane tickets to send them to their rooms, before they pick out your nursing home for you.

StacyAnn said...

Wow I think you need to come by my house.

I wish I could keep up with you. I barely have time for my own house and here you are flying all over the country and taking care of everyone that you can get your hands on.

That beef stew looks so yummy! I need your recipe. If you have time I'm StacyAnn on Rav.

Thanks so much for some freezer inspriation!