Saturday, October 4, 2008


Guess what is finished, but is too small for all my hair? Since I won't cut my hair, as much as my mother would love it...Guess I'll have to knit up another one! AWWWW shucks! What a shame! ha ha ha.... Norwegian Star Cap from Hat's On! book, size medium. Size 4 and 6 (4.00mm) needles with Ella Rae Classic Navy and White. I'll do the next one with Cascade 220 in the same colors but the larger size.

Guess what skein had a knot in it..and apparently two different dye lots were put together? Dang it....but it still fits the bill when your niece writes you an email asking....Aunt Cathy...I wish you'd make me something pink and purple. Stockinette Watch Cap from Hat's On! book, (US) 6 (4.0mm) needles, 110 stitches cast on, Plymouth Encore Colorspun worsted yarn.

Hip #2 is about to be this little Giraffe is heading off to Ann Arbor for a little Get well quick pick me up. You can find the pattern here: . I used Yarn Bee's I Love this Cotton! in buttercup with size 7 (4.5mm) needles. And I substitued garter stitch for the borders.

Another Flaunt Your Colors Scarf is in the works..this is an 'interesting' set of colors for me to knit's for the 'rival' high school that is across town from my old high school. Since they've switched my high school back to a Junior High School this is where she now has to be bussed to. Gotta say...proof that I love this kid to knit all those rounds in those colors! Never say never people! It always comes back to you some how. Lion Brand Wool-ease in Purple and Buttercup (but I wish it were in Red and White! har har har)...

Time to run to the post office. There's a lot of knitting to be mailed!

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