Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Ready for some new patterns? Grab your odds and ends of your wool or wool blends. I've got something up my 'sleeve'....I'm using double points, you might want to use 2 circular needs. I'll give you a little bit of time to go hunt them up.

Baker's Helper has been at the house to day 'teaching' me to make mini pizzas. Right now, I'm off to play Candy Land!

Happy New Year!

(would someone get the U of Michigan football team to Resolve to a having a winning season this year?)


Anonymous said...

Cathy your mini pizzas look wonderful!!

Please share the recipe with us. I have never seen them before.

sstrait649 said...

Hi Cathy. I was looking at your Tribble pattern and saw you were True Blue! We are a True Blue family as my hubby and I are both alum and our son is a freshman in Engineering. We cried many tears this football season-although we did go to the Wisconsin game and saw a win up close and personal! So, we know they can do it! In the meantime we are taking my son back to Ann Arbor today-we only live an hour away-and will keep praying for wins! Go Blue!

Anonymous said...

Ok, we all are ready and waiting... What do you have up your sleeve? What size circular needles?