Sunday, March 1, 2009

Rule #2

If my new rules started with Rule #1-label/tag your knitting...then Rule #2 has to be:

Carry it in a bag that zips shut!

Sheessshh...that should have been a no-brainer! What was I thinking?

Zipping along-at the 46" mark as I type. *sigh* maybe it will be finished before March goes out a like a Lamb...

Stay warm!

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Jennifer said...

I lost my second pair of socks (and 2 sets of dpns) at a Banana Republic once. Rather than lose myself to the angst, I decided that someone's mother/grandmother (OK - this was in the day before blogs when Rosie Greer was the only known male crafter in my ken) inherited some very nice yarn and needles. Hopefully they needed it more than I did.