Monday, April 6, 2009

*sigh* gauge really matters...

I'm so frustrated here! Can I get a Hallelujah from the choir somewhere? Here I was on out of my mind excited that I had figured out how to make socks that actually fit me! Check it out..I got one sock done, and while I was working on the 2nd sock...I'm wearing the first one out in the sun...heat biggie...I was stylin'...and prancing all over the my freakin' foot was on some sort of red carpet on premiere night.

And it doesn't stop there...I pull out the cell phone and snap some more to send off to my daughter. "Look at what your Mom can do!" I can hear her eyes rolling now..oh boy she's now adding socks to her obsession....

See the ankle there on the last shot? See how nice it looks, all prim and proper...and pretty...see how I learned from reading of so many other people..nope, no 2nd sock syndrome here, I tell you...I couldn't wait to test these puppies out! I was going to have SOCKS! I tell you.

I stayed up all night long until 4:03am to finish weaving in the last of the ends of the socks so I could wear those long awaited prized possessions. I laid down for a bit to take a nap in my socks, until 6:35am before taking pictures of my socks to send over the phone to show my daughter. After all, she's close to finals and working on her papers. It wouldn't be a 'good mommy' thing to have woken her up at 4am to show her my socks. After all, her friends are the knitters...not her. *sigh* I don't think she would have 'gotten' it.

Later on, I took a nap with the Birk's on with the socks (remember the whole reason I bought the Birk's? Ok, so I can't wear regular shoes, but Birk's are like what the COOL kids wear with their hand knitted socks. Right?) Now, those of you sly ones, will see the big project that I've been working on lately, which is why it's been so quiet in the posting department lately....but back to the saga here...[you DO know there's a saga here...right??????????? ya..cue the music...]
Because after 3 nights of wearing the socks at bedtime to keep my freezing tootsies warm...they look like this.....

Totally stretched out..and saggy...and it was only AFTER wearing them for a couple of days around the house...on carpet..NOT outside....that I measured the *&(**%&% gauge...the pattern said 26 sts for 4"/10 cm...what are mine? 20.

ya...20! freakin' stitches in the stockinette section. They stretched..and I never knit up a gauge swatch in the beginning.

So, I'm asking you all of you Kings and Queens of Sockdom...those Royalty of Knitted Wiseness...what did I do wrong? Was it not to gauge in the beginning, or did they just stretch that much! They started off looking so good, and fitting so snugly. Just the way I wanted them to. But then....ulg.

Back to the drawing board.

Maybe I'll never be a sock knitter.

Just don't tell my Mother. She's been buying me sock yarn so I could make myself some pretty socks. And she keeps asking me how they're coming along.

I went back to hat knitting today. I KNOW how to do that! Besides, AC4C is sending things down to the Naval Hospital this month in San Diego. That will fit someone.

No matter how crappy my socks turned out.


Jennifer said...

Well - they look great. I love the camouflage socks. Too cute.

Laura said...

Oh don't give up, trust me the first few pairs always go that way. I still have some that do that. I find that the only ones of mine that stay nice a springy all day have a high nylon content or something with elastic light cascade. I noticed that the ribbing looks like a 3x2, I find mine do that as well. I usually use a 2x2 ribbing, or else a 1x1 cuff (1" or so) and then straight stockinette the rest of the way. I find with my foot shape that I do way better with toe up socks keeping the shape. I love Wendy Johnson, esp her toe up with detailed instructions. Just give those beauties a nice soak in warm water a little eucalan (or nice smelling soap) and they will spring back.
If you need help, I think it saves me email at the bottom if not.
l.j.c at rogers dot com
I do have a blog but is has been sadly neglected, although if you go back to the beginning of it, I remember doing an extensive post about socks, yarns etc.
My blog is "Knitting from the Stash" (wordpress)

CC said...

Cathy - Congrats on your first socks!

It's usual for socks to stretch out with wear, and you knit them with ribs which stretch out even more with normal wear. Have you washed them yet, did they go back to pre-worn size?

That said I've always had to go way down on needle size to get gauge. 8 - 9 stitches per inch will give you a longer wearing sock. Sock fit is very forgiving. Some people like a loose fit and some like them snug but your socks look great.

Practice makes perfect.

ladyb1 said...

The socks look great.... I'm struggling with my first attempt at using dpn's but looks like it will be worth it if they look like your socks.

Cheer up, you can save them as "extra layer when its cold over other socks" socks..... to wear around the house.

Ellen Campbell said...

Wash them..and put them in the dryer. I only wear my handknit socks when I am off duty (I am a teacher). I wear them shamelessly, wash them, and dry them (on delicate and all together). They are great!

By the way, you and others have inspired me to is my knitting blog, just begun this year.

Ellen Campbell said...

Wash them and even put them in the dryer....I only wear my handknit socks on my off time (I am teacher). And counter to what others may recommend, my socks fit really well and I wash them all the time. I wear them for multiple times before I wash them. I wash them and dry them on delicate/knit.

I am now blogging, thanks to you and others...

Check out my blog:

OzKnitter said...

Have you washed them yet? My socks always stretch out while I wear them, and they "shrink" back to the size they were when I put them on. :o)

BooksAngel said...

I find that two days and nights of wear and then into the washer for machine washable socks is about right. Any longer and they start to bag. I have been machine washing socks for over seven years(some pairs every week) and they still return to a good snug fit each time. And yes, a few pairs even get worn in the summer. I am working on another pair of short summer socks as I read blogs.

Anonymous said...

Not to worry!! Your socks are gorgeous and it is absolutely normal to have them stretch out after two or three days of wear. Just wash them, and they will be fine!! Also the ribbing pattern tends to stretch a lot, which is a good thing, for fit and comfort! Love the yarn, by the way!!

cindybmw2004 said...

I also make ALOT of socks and yes they stretch when worn, but go back after washing. I just pop mine in the washer in a small bag and hang them up to dry. I also have the blockers, but I only use those for the first couple of times and then the socks "remember" their shape. They look good!