Saturday, June 6, 2009

My first hoodie

Does this look a wee bit different from the last picture you saw? Yep...going to rename myself as Queen of Frogging. I had finished the two front panels with the wrong directions. Not only did I have to rip them out and reknit them, but even with the long tails I'd left, I ran short of yarn. I had to add some some (thank you Russian Join) to be able to complete the last 2 rows and bind off. Shesshhh.....However....

So totally worth it! Isn't this just too cute?

I want one in my size now.

Man, I wish I'd had these patterns when my kids were little. Someday, my someday Grandkids are going to have a LOT of sweaters! Hope they don't all live in a hot zone!

Sirdar book 299: Toddler Aran Knits, Design "H", Size 3-6 months
Simply Soft yarn-white, .868 of a 7 oz skein= 274 yards.

Most definitely will make another one at some point. This one is off to New York!


me said...

The hoodie is perfect!! Bravo for such a great project! I think you have more hoodies in your future :)

Anonymous said...

I too love this little hoodie.
So much so, that I am scouring the Internet for a copy of the book.

You are such a great inspiration for me in my knitting as well as in my life as a mother.
Your are a very special person.