Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Add to my 'knitting tools'...

Who would have ever guessed that an ice bag would be included in my knitting tools? AH...certainly not me! However, I have found that if I pack one up really full, put it into a plastic grocery bag (yea, I know, we're not supposed to have them anymore...but doggone it, they sure do come in handy! hmmmm must be why I've made so many sack socks! Reduce, reuse, recycle..see? reuse. One of those 'r' words, but I digress...

Back to the story today. If I fill the ice bag, pop it into a reused plastic grocery bag, then put a towel behind it and under it, I can wedge the ice behind my lower back and the chair and sit long enough to get a bit of vertical knitting and crocheting done. Not to mention some vertical living! Wooooo hoooo...what a way to appreciate some living these days-from a vertical perspective!

See what I mean? I'm hoping this will be finished by tomorrow night! That makes 2 down (first one done 4/30/09) and 2 more to go for the twins due in November. But, since multiples generally come early....oh boy, that means I'm really far behind!

Thanks for all of the well wishes for my back..they're gratefully appreciated! Every day I see a little bit of improvement, here's hoping it won't take the full 6 weeks to finish heeling! I have some major deadlines to beat-there are babies on the way!


Kathleen said...

Hi Cathy,
It's Kathleen from New York. I am sorry to hear about your sore back problems. I pray they get better very soon! I had a tens unit after a car accident awhile ago. I hope it helps!
The rainbow blanket is lovely. I really want to make one, too. The Jiffy Sweater you helped me with came out darling and received many oooooooows and ahhhhhhhhs at Emily's baby shower! Thanks for your great help and the pattern. I only had 1/2 the matching hat finished before the shower and finished it a week later. Momma-to-be and Auntie loved it. So cute. I want to crochet or knit a little flower to put on top.
I hope you feel better soon. So good to see you blogging again! Cathy,how can I become part of the yahoo swap groups like you are in?
Take care,

Rose said...

I am sorry to hear about your back! I have two herniated disks in my neck! I had to actually have surgery. I feel for you! Take care and remember that a little healing now (and no knitting) will let you be able to knit for a long time to come! (or something like that!)

Cathy said...

Thanks both of you...

the groups that swap are dishcloth knitting groups. Both yahoo and Raverly. All you have to do is join the groups and then sign up to participate. Most of them will say they do swaps in their descriptions. There are many to choose from! Good luck deciding which ones to pick!

Anonymous said...

There is almost nothing as painful as a herniated disk. I agree with Rose.Resting to heal and relaxing may help you heal quicker. Can you let the deadlines go a little bit? You are a prolific knitter and giver,it's easy to see. Thanks for the info on how to join a knitting swap group. So nice to see a reunion! I had one a few weeks ago with my childhood friend.And yes, this is proof that it is amazing to make friends across the country(and as you found out, the world)So nice to have friends to knit with and know.
Take care,
Take care,

Cathy said...

I finished the baby blanket tonight..now my daughter can take it back to NY with her...the baby is due in 10 days. Knitting relaxes me...and I miss it terribly if I don't get some time in daily.

Thanks..everyday I feel improvement. Glad you found an old friend. I found a bunch of mine on facebook! Isn't it fun to play catch up with old friends?

happy knitting!