Sunday, August 16, 2009

Aloha Kitchen Set

Would you like to see what my pattern set looks like in the 2010 calendar?
Pre-orders Started Friday, to be shipped on September 5th.

Aloha Kitchen Set

Aloha Dishcloth

Aloha Kitchen Hanging Hand Towel

Aloha Placemat

Aloha Sack Sock

Thanks for celebrating this with me!


Panhandle Jane said...

How very beautiful! That is absolutely my favorite color.

I, for one, would appreciate yarn info when you photograph something. I'm one of the people who lives where there are no yarn shops, so I very often have to just order on-line. When I see a set of a particular color or pattern, I would love to know what to order.


Cathy said...

All yarn information should be included with the pattern available on the calendar..I used a cone of Lion cotton for this project.

ps. I try to add all information when I post the final projects, for the same reason. That what I know what worked for pattern, and if I have that or something similar.

Anonymous said...

How cute!