Monday, November 23, 2009

When Last We Met...

Isn't that how the old timed TV Serials used to begin? Let's see...I was in NY State..taking my knitting on a color tour.

And oh, how pretty those leaves were!

Then, the daughter and I went on a mini day trip and stopped at an Apple Winery..

then over to the their Sister Distillery (have you ever tasted Cider Vodka?) before

Making it to their Apple Orchards to pick our own apples! We had a blast! Laughing and giggling the whole day!

We road on the back of the flat bed the tractor took us out to the apple trees..

Found trees that were sooooooooo laden with apples, their branches were bent over to the ground...

soooooooo many apples that we had to leave behind!

Apples up high, and as far as your eyes could see...

With a daughter who caught me trying to get an apple 'just out of my reach'...

Before we had to leave for the day...

Since she did the driving, I got nearly the whole body done on the sweater for the boy twin.

Later on that week...I got a really good reminder why I try to ALWAYS have my knitting in the car. After sitting on the freeway for quite some time, it was apparent we weren't going anywhere for a long time. So, I shut off the engine and started casting on for the two sleeves of the sweater.

After almost 2 hours of being 'parked' on the side of the freeway, some people (and a dog) got out to visit, I got a good start on the two sleeves of the baby sweater.

While there, I did the Mom thing...and made some cheeseburger pie...

potato leek soup
apple butter, for the first time (Betty Crocker is the best, I tell ya!)

apple pie...(oh those apple picking apples...we good!)

and get this...74 1/4 cups of frozen pumpkin! It was great..until I had to leave my portion in NY to be able to make weight for my baggage! DOGGONEITALL!!

Once home, I found a box from Hobby Lobby's online order...packed in Bubble Wrap! Now that's a company that wants to get it's yarn there, safely!

I've started working on a new group of patterns...

My kids did a bit of cooking for me...and wise 'candle' shopping...sadly, I forgot to take a picture of the beef stew that was cooked FOR ME! But it sure is fun to have kids that can cook!

Sent some wool things to Ship's Support...another pattern will be up shortly...

Had to take out a pattern repeat on the coffee sleeves before sending them to my parents-they were too big and slide right off the coffee cups!

Packed up 46 pounds of yarn to send off to a knitting group back home so they can knit for the local charity groups...

Finally finished the Blue sweater set (Sirdar 264, tunic sweater, hat without the tassels and basic socks from Leisure Arts...) a week AFTER the twins were born...

Made another Feather and Fan blanket, but this time I knit 9 repeats of the pattern in all three sections, rather than a 7-9-7 count. This was for a baby that was already nearly 2 months old, so I wanted it a little bit longer in length.
Lastly, I finished another pair of sockies (Leisure Arts), for WRC babies. I do have another surprise sweater nearly finished and another crocheted blanket underway, but no pictures at this point. Guess, I'll have to post more often! hahahahhaaaa.....Now that the Twins knitting is finished, been mailed...I should be back online a little bit more often. So...happy Turkey Day shopping this week! My bird's already in the refrigerator waiting his big turn.


Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiing Day!!!

Love your comentary on the NY trip. You guys really had fun.

Can't imagine your kids not being great cooks---with a Mom like you for a role model, they are a shoe-in.

Please, keep up your blog--I look forward to reading it.

Julie said...

Great post!!! Thanks for taking us on your adventure...what amazing pictures.
I'll be reading :)

Happy Thanksgiving!!