Wednesday, December 9, 2009

If it's needles are clicking.., tink tink..., tink, tink...

isn't that the way it's suppose to sound in December?

I finished the HUGE pink and black Christmas project and the baby blanket over the past weekend for middle daughter's friends who already had their baby girl, so that should have already been mailed off.

I have 3 mushroom hats done now for my two brothers and my Dad.

Check out what I found in issue #11 of The Knitter!

Kay shows her dishcloth that she knit for The Dishcloth Hangups for 2010 Calendar!

Here's the Contents page and...

And the page of Kay and Ann's article. Still seems strange to see the name of something I'm attached to in 'print'. At times I want to run down the Joann's aisles where I picked up my copy and show everyone there that this is where (the link to order the calendars is part of Kay's article) you can get the calendar that has my patterns in it...and other times I look at it Someday when I grow up, I wonder what it will feel like to have my patterns in print. Then I have to remind myself..oh already happened! It's defiantly an 'out of body' experience for me.

Knitting needles aren't the ONLY needles that have found their way into my life. Yep...

Piggy Flu, stay away from me! I have been stuck good to do my part to keep you at bay.

In the meantime,

I'm trying to get this finished by Friday to mail off to my Mom. This is another of those 'patterns with purchase' that came with my Plymouth Earth Ecco Cashmere. It's 12 row pattern repeat and as you can see I have a whole 4 pattern repeats completed at this point. Since it takes the whole skein for the scarf....

I'm thinking it's going to take me a whole lot of knitting to get this me ...

think it could be substituted for Jingle Bells?

Good luck to you and yours as you prepare for your holiday season! I'm off to work on Christmas knitting!

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