Tuesday, December 13, 2011

'Tis time!

Aren't we all supposed to be buying local this year? What is it that they keep saying, $64 of goods from USA saves a bunch of jobs? I'm trying!

Since I'm not near mine, this just 'popped' up on Amazon at a ridiculous price. Bring on the cookies! Thank you Santa!


SNOWBIRD said...

I love my KA stand mixer. What a great price. You are so right; made in the USA.

Jennifer said...

MMMmmmmmm! I love this. What a great price! I just saw one at the store in a dazzling pink. Wishing I hadn't bought a white one for my sister. Sizzling hot pink would have been so much cooler!

Cathy said...

We've been searching for a hot pink one for my daughter. Where did you find that one?